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The Record of a Snail's Life

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stopped at 11:21 PM

It's funny sometimes, that i have the ability to encourage other people but not myself.

I always tell people, believe in yourself, the last person to look down on you should be yourself, because once that happens, you are probably not gonna climb back up again.

But now, i think i suck, i'm worthless, and i look down on myself, why is it that i can do things for other people so well, but can't accomplish one single task for myself.

what kind of joke is this.


Monday, April 06, 2009

Stopped at 8:28 PM

Ok, decided that i need to update my blog, to make my prediction come true.


well, this few days have been a bore as well, i know it's dumb of me, cause i keep repeating that i need to find something to do.

army enlistment letter is still not here after so long, does that mean that i'm exempted from National Service? =x


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stopped at 10:03 PM

see, i told you my blog will malfunction somehow, first the posts will be weekly, then monthly, then maybe annually. haha.

after that, nobody will leave their thoughts on my tagboard anymore.

anyway, starfish told me to come and update, so i shall do just that.

but thing is, i have no idea what to share. =x

lemme think.

ok, erm, i was on my psp all day long, yes lame, but erm, nvm, i think it's lame too.

ohya, i forgot to read the book yongzhen lend me again, hahahaha, maybe i should just give up.

yes, what else.

i really want to pray for God's guidance, especially when i'm screwing up every aspect of my life, and not doing the things that i should be doing. and i want to wish starfish well, be it in her studies or social life, or whatever.

maybe i'll blog again, when i can think of some other things to share.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stopped at 11:56 PM

today was training day, i was hoping for a coach to come and speak to me about my failures, but it didn't happen.

Is that good or bad?

as expected, i did way better in training than NAG, whatever.

i just find it difficult to get over it, why?


Friday, March 20, 2009

Stopped at 9:20 PM

ok, so i screwed up, and i decided to be emo.

Reason 1 : i screwed up crazily.
Reason 2 : i would be in the army next year, i doubt i have the time to participate.
Reason 3 : after that, i would be too old for the competition.

but, it's time for some self reflection.

1) i wasn't thinking properly.
2) i was distracted by the atmosphere.
3) my failure in this competition before got to me.
4) i missed elementary level spares.
5) i wasn't decisive in my decisions.

i wish i can do it again, but that's not very possible.

what now?


Stopped at 1:53 AM

National Age Groups Championship Day 3

I can't write down the scores here, cause they are too retarded for me to remember.

Maybe i should consider a career as a repairman, since i'm so good at screwing things up.

Game over, but i can't start a new game.

Conclusion :

i suck, period.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stopped at 1:58 AM

National Age Groups Championship Day 2

137, 203, 129, 137. 151.5 average.

yes, i screwed up again. speechless~


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stopped at 2:03 AM

National Age Groups Championship Day 1

151, 100, 175, 166. 148 average.

screwed up, big time.

why do i always have to screw up on the big stage, but do well during training.

what does this mean.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stopped at 12:35 AM

i've got a feeling how this blog is gonna end up, it would malfunction and break down, someday, somehow.

anyway, my life's a bore, and i can't be bothered to blog about political happenings, or just gossip about random stuff. so, if there are any readers out there, feel free, to click on the bar thingy on top and type in a new link to visit.

well, anyway, today was much like any other days. slacking, is really a chore, i mean seriously, sorry to the people out there but yes, slacking is killing me. and i can't be bothered to do something to keep me occupied except sit in front of my com, no wonder my waistline is increasing by the day. blahz..

i'm gonna be playing the National Age Group Championships from tuesday to thursday, don't ask me what sport, cause if you don't know, chances are, you shouldn't even know the link to this blog. so good luck to myself, and c'mon, qualifying for masters shouldn't be that hard.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stopped at 6:07 PM

Wee!! the revival post!! wahaha, the blog is alive and renamed!!